Air Induction System

Based on the process expertise in blow moulding, injection, welding, filter (from Filration Division) manufacturing and assembly, Sogefi develops, manufactures and delivers complete air intake systems:

  • Dust side duct, air cleaners and clean side ducts
  • Higher engine fuel efficiency requires new compact optimized air intake systems with accurate air flow management and improved dust retention
  • Sogefi provides compact porous ducts and resonators on Air inlet ducts with integrated self water-draining systems and easy fit and tight connections
  • Sogefi air filter elements are specially embossed to maximise the filtration surface
  • Sogefi has developed new Turbo inlet ducts resistant to the stringent temperature and chemical constraints of low pressure EGR systems
  • Sogefi clean side ducts can be equipped with blow-by heater systems, temperature sensors and decoupling bellows on a single part

All of these components are produced, in the main by over-moulding and infrared welding techniques to comply with the most stringent cleanliness requirements.