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A cabin air filter protects against external pollution and suspended particles in the air. It ensures a better air quality and comfort to the passengers inside the vehicle.

There are different types of cabin air filters:

  • Pollen filter: protects against large particles, removing some of the main sources of airborne allergens including pollen particles and mold spores
  • Activated carbon filter:  stops particles like a pollen filter, absorbs harmful gases (such as Sulfur Dioxide and toluene) and odors in the air.

The cabin air filter has been one of the most innovative filters of the automotive Aftermarket.
Sogefi, thanks to more advanced technologies proposes a new protection against an ever-growing menace – fine particles and allergens:

  • Cabin3Tech+, 3 layers for better protection – synthetic media for pollen filtration, activated carbon for harmful gas retention, and a protective electrostatic media layer that filters up to 98.8% of fine particles as small as 2.5 microns.
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Sogefi cabin air filters are available for passenger cars under the brand names Purflux, CoopersFiaam, Fram®, and under Sogefi Pro for commercial vehicles.

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