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Intake manifold systems

With some of the best products and manufacturing processes, Sogefi is recognised as a key partner by the international automotive industry.

The automotive market demands more efficient and cleaner engines. Sogefi intake modules fulfil more functions than just the distribution of an equal air quantity by cylinder. They can be equipped with additional dynamic air distribution devices, swirl and tumble control, for enhanced combustion efficiency, and/or an exhaust gas recirculation nozzle for a lower emission level.

Sogefi Air&Cooling also provides solutions of high tech resin air intake modules with integrated water cooled ‘charge air cooler’ for the latest generation of turbocharged engines and enhanced dynamic performance.

The installation space on vehicles is getting smaller and smaller and CO2 emission regulations require mass reduction. Thanks to its technical expertise in air flow management, mechanical behaviour and module architecture combined with the control of the best injection moulding and welding processes, Sogefi designs and produces compact and light air intake modules.

In addition to this, Sogefi has developed skills in mechatronics to support the development of the active systems.

In 2014, Sogefi has recently introduced on the market its first home-designed active long runner/short runner air intake system.