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Thermostat Housing & Ducts

Sogefi develops and produces solutions of engine temperature management for the whole application range: from small petrol engines to large diesel engines.

Thanks to a complete product portfolio and a full cooling system knowledge, Sogefi  designs and provides the right solution for engine temperature management in line with CO2 emission reduction, fuel economy and price targets defined by the customer:

  • Standard Thermostat Housing for a passive regulation on a single temperature
  • Electric controled Thermostat Housing for a regulation on a range of temperatures
  • Active Coolant Routing systems active flow control for a quick temperature management by an active distribution of the coolant

Glycol-resistant thermoplastic, as well as injection moulding, welding and assembly process skills associated with mechanical and CFD expertises are key points for Sogefi to build optimised designs for Housing and Water Pipes.

Finer engine thermal management is defined by the automotive manufacturers as one of the key levers to achieve the future European CO2 emission targets. Among the latest cooling innovations, our technical teams have developed the new Sogefi Active Multi-Way Coolant valve for a contribution of up to 2% fuel saving versus a standard thermostat; this patented technology entered production 2013 on new Euro6 engines.