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Diesel fuel filtration systems

Driven by emission regulations and CO2 emission limitations, Diesel fuel injection pressures have never been so high. This makes the whole Fuel Injection System (FIS) even more sensitive to contaminants, but not only.

Systems are today intended to be used globally, and therefore need to be compliant worldwide with each local constraint: cold temperatures, high level of water content, biofuel introduction, severe fuel contaminations, gaseous accumulation in the fuel line, overall quality of the fuel and so on…

This is why Sogefi, as one of the world market leaders for Diesel fuel filtration, has developed solutions for all of these challenges, to provide efficient, robust and cost-effective Diesel Fuel Conditioning Systems:

  • Cold Start Solutions: electrical heater integration, fuel recirculation with valves, specific design rules for the filter element, dedicated test benches, a full set of experiments to understand cold condition behaviours
  • Worldwide Variability of the fuel: High water level contents which can be found in some countries are handled with an exclusive water separation technology: Diesel3Tech™, which provides extreme separation and removal of the fuel free water content, even in a fine emulsion (see publication at the SAE congress). Moreover, Chevron Pleating and an exclusive mileage based filter clogging rule adapted to each country give solutions to adapt and improve filter change intervals wherever the application is intended to be
  • BIOFUEL compatibility: Plastic Filter Modules and specific gasket materials can resist corrosion by micro-organisms which can be found in Biodiesels. Diesel3Tech™ can compensate Biodiesel higher water fuel emulsion stability and higher water contents, and Chevron Pleating technology provides more filtration surface to withstand poorer fuel oxidation stability. Sogefi filters can therefore be designed to perfectly and safely withstand operations in B20, B30 and even B100 (see publication at the SAE congress)
  • Mass Reduction: increased use of plastic filter modules rather than metallic ones, the filter moved to crash-free zones (such as the fuel-tank), the use of Chevron Pleating for optimized filter volume and mass, and the  exclusive mileage based filter clogging rule provide all-important solutions for reducing filter module volume and weight on the vehicle
  • Recyclability: with the ECO filter element, no metallic parts enter the waste chain at service

Plus the usual functions such as: petrol drains in clean zones for vacuum systems, water level detections and water drains, pressure sensors, manual priming pumps, and many more.

And yet, Sogefi core expertise remains in filtration. Provided with the latest developments in media grades and pleating solutions, Sogefi filters are on the cutting-edge for performance and durability:

  • Fuel Injection System Protection: range of dual layer media and new arrangements, able to stop the smallest particulates, supporting ever increasing expectations of efficiency
  • Filtration Expertise: Sogefi has established a unique methodology to predict the filter change mileage, based on the statistical analysis of filters back from the field, extending filtration know-how even further within Sogefi. This was published at the SAE congress.
    Moreover, Sogefi has also published results on a unique approach to evaluate real-life filter efficiency, assessing filtration targets of soon-to-be specification references from FIS suppliers. This was also published at the SAE congress
  • Sogefi’s renowned “Chevron Pleat” gives a significant packaging advantage and mechanical strength to the filter element