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Oil Filtration Systems

The latest engine developments, which aim to comply with ever more stringent emission regulations and reduced fuel consumption, have drastically increased the need for a flexible and informative oil flow management, while packaging and bulkiness have been constrained by the downsizing trend.

To support OEMs with these challenges, with the support of Sogefi core filtration expertise, the Sogefi Oil Filtration Module is an efficient, compact, integrated and expert solution able to provide in one kit:

  • Cold Start Solutions: (oil and/or coolant circuits) static by-pass, pressure commanded by-pass, temperature commanded by-pass, 2-step temperature commanded by-pass, ECU commanded by-pass
  • Downsizing Solutions: water pump interface or integration, efficient and compact cooler integration, extreme oil flow rate compatibility and specific design
  • Weight Saving: polyamide module body, efficient and compact coolers
  • Packaging Solutions: wide range of engine interfaces, filter accessibility and cooler position solutions
  • Information feedback: pressure sensors, temperature sensors
  • Recyclability: with the ECO filter element, no metallic parts enter the waste chain at service. Plus usual functions such as: anti-drain valves, to retain oil when the engine is switched off, oil filler ducts, clean servicing systems, to limit oil spills on the floor during servicing, and many more

And yet, Sogefi core expertise remains in filtration. With the latest developments of media grades and pleating solutions, Sogefi filters are on the cutting-edge of performance and durability:

  • Engine Protection: range of mixed fibre and pure synthetic fibre media, able to filter the smallest particulates for an excellent engine protection
  • Change Intervals / Biofuel compatibility: Sogefi proposes various grades of mixed fibre and pure synthetic fibre media, with the special ability to preserve their robustness even up to extremely high change interval mileages, whatever the fuel used in the engine
  • Filtration Expertise: Sogefi has established a unique statistical methodology to link real-life clogging with artificial lab condition clogging, extending filtration know-how even further within Sogefi. This has been published at the SAE congress
  • Sogefi renowned "Chevron Pleat" gives a significant packaging advantage, mechanical strenght and gives solutions for pure synthetic media use