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Petrol Fuel Filters

As fuel efficiency requirements increase with CO2 emission regulations, the use of Direct Injection in petrol engines is becoming more and more common, to support downsizing.

This technology is much more sensitive to contamination than fuel supply systems like indirect injection or even carburettors might have been, and generates higher pressure on the fuel supply line.

Sogefi designs and produces Petrol Fuel Filters with an incredibly high level of filtration efficiency, able to protect even the latest generations of Petrol Fuel Supply systems.

Both plastic and metallic in-line filters are available, as well as in-tank rechargeable and in-tank for life filters, depending on customer need. All of them can stand the fuel pressures generated by the latest generations of Petrol Fuel Supply systems.

The increased use of alternative fuels such as ethanol or methanol brings new challenges for filter durability. Sogefi proposes a complete range of solutions based on plastic fuel filters to support the growing use of alternative fuels.