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Coil Springs

The springs developed by Sogefi may be cold or hot formed according to the initial technical specifications.

They are designed to optimize weight, cost, bulk, and vehicle comfort and handling through side load control - delivering the reliability and lifespan demanded.

The result is a range of helical springs of simple or complex shapes including:

  • Rectilinear or curvilinear axis
  • Wire of constant or variable cross-section
  • End coils, whether or not reduced

Due to its constant progress and total mastery in the fields of high-stress micro-alloyed steels and titanium, high performance anticorrosion protections and heat treatments, different shot-peening processes specific to high stress coil springs and other advanced development tools, Sogefi’s position as the joint European market leader is due to its ability to meet the needs of car manufacturers for all types of vehicles fitted with helical springs.