Sogefi GroupSogefi Group

Mission & Values

Sogefi’s activities are founded on a culture and heritage of values that are acknowledged and shared by all employees and companies throughout the Group, forming a behaviour blueprint.

Sogefi is constantly committed to achieving both the highest quality and continuous improvement in the performance of its products.

The never-ending desire to innovate, supported by talented teams of engineers and technicians in its R&D centers across the world, drives Sogefi’s core businesses.

Sogefi is fully committed to its targets and the sat­isfaction of all its stakeholders.

Sogefi’s organizational model allows for prompt decision-making and achievement of results. Our time-to-market is short, thanks to our excellent skills at transforming ideas into final products.

Sogefi operates sound manage­ment, corporate vision, production processes with a group culture that is founded on clarity, discipline,seriousness and consistency. All ideas, once vali­dated, are developed with purpose and determina­tion.

For Sogefi, reliability means winning the trust of all its customers through technical expertise, prod­uct quality, attention to costs, a serious business policy and fulfilling commitments.