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Sogefi has over 6,900 employees worldwide, spread over the 23 countries where the Group has facilities.

A considerable number of these people are technicians and engineers engaged in R&D for new products and technologies, while others perform commercial and customer service activities.

People are Sogefi’s main success factor; the contribution of each single employee to the Group’s growth has always been the winning ingredient that has allowed us to achieve international leadership over the years.

The integration of different cultures, experiences, habits and languages forms a consistent approach which has enabled the Group to broaden and consolidate its presence worldwide. For Sogefi, this represents a core value that has generated a team spirit found at every level in the Company.

Our multinational teams are made up of people who are willing to challenge themselves and are fully focused on the future. They are the engine that drives the Company forward, with pride and passion, towards ever higher growth, innovation and leadership objectives.