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Research & Development

Sogefi is at the forefront of technology and dedicates a significant amount of its turnover to R&D.

The aim of Sogefi’s R&D teams is to meet the expectations of global clients by finding improved technical, economic and environmental solutions through continual innovation.

In the Suspensions Business Unit whether for bars, helical springs or other suspension components, the basic idea underlying all product development processes is continued weight reduction combined with performance improvement.

The production processes involved, along with materials development and design skills, enable Sogefi to manufacture products that are lighter better performing products. This in turn contributes to vehicle weight reduction and, consequently, to improved fuel consumption and BEV autonomy, whilst leaving each manufacturer’s typical driving features unchanged. Our last technologies are, also, focused on enhancing the vehicle comfort.

In its ongoing effort to improve product technology and environmental performance, Sogefi has made great progress in the development of suspension components from innovative materials - much lighter than steel - that have a remarkable effect on the final overall weight and hence on vehicle fuel consumption, but also drastically reduce the total environmental costs.

The Air & Cooling Business Unit owes its growth to a strong culture of innovation in servicing its OEM customers’ needs. Fulfilling toxic gas emission regulations, reducing CO2 emissions, developing new solutions for Batteries and Fuel Cells in EV, is a tough challenge for OEMs. Innovation is a key success factor to manage this delicate balance and OEMs rely on their Tier-1 supplier to remain at the cutting-edge

As far as the air and cooling product range is concerned, the R&D team is a pioneer in technologies that deliver unprecedented results. Our Engineering Offices work in close collaboration with our Testing and Validation Laboratory, as well as our Acoustic, Simulation, Prototyping and Metrology services. For new generation of Electric Vehicles, we propose a large range of solutions with Smart Cooling Systems to improve the thermal management of batteries, fuel cells, electric motors and auxiliaries.